Active Skills for Reading FULL [update 2019]

Free download eBooks Active Skills for Reading 3rd edition FULL [update 2019]
Includes: Introduce, 1, 2, 3, 4 [with PDFs & Audio CDs]

The 3rd edition of ACTIVE Skills for Reading maintains the ACTIVE approach FULL. The following enhancements to this new edition encourage learners to become more confident, independent, and active readers:

  • Motivational Tips! In each chapter feature Neil Anderson’s advice on increasing student motivation.
  • New reading passages cover contemporary topics and a variety of text types including articles, journals, blogs, and interviews.
  • In the later levels, readings are based on authentic content from National Geographic.
  • Full-color design presents the series’ content in an accessible and attractive format.
  • New Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® reflects the needs of learners preparing for standardized tests.

Link to download Active Skills eBooks PDF Free

1 Active Intro PDF
2 Active 1 PDF
3 Active 2 PDF
4 Active 3 PDF
5 Active 4 PDF

Link to download Audio CDs Free

1 Active Skills 1 Audio Cds
2 Active Skills 2 Audio Cds
3 Active Skills 3 Audio Cds
4 Active Skills 4 Audio Cds


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