Effective Teaching in Schools: Theory and Practice

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Author: Kyriacou 
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For those beginning their teaching career, or interested in it as a profession, this book really does cover all the essential practices and methodologies. Kyriacou is well-respected as an educator and has done much research in the field.

Personally I found the book really effective in getting me into the mindset of becoming a teacher – an important tool in itself for when I face a class of 30 kids! Most of what Kyriacou has to say stems from common sense and he explains very clearly exactly what teaching is all about and what an educator\’s role SHOULD be, which can be vastly different from what you think it is.

A lot of hard work goes into becoming a good teacher and Kyriacou gives good tips on how to implement certain methods in the classroom to help you on your way.

The only problem I had with it, is how some chapters recycled information from previous ones.

Despite this, I think it is still a very important book for first-time teachers as a primer. Do not expect any detailed analysis or subject specific information. If that is what you are after, then I advise you to look elsewhere. This is purely an overview on aspects of \’good practice\’ in a general sense. It makes you aware of areas that as a trainee teacher, you must develop and pay close attention to.

Download eBook: Effective Teaching in Schools: Theory and Practice

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