SpeakOut Elementary 2nd edition [update 2021]

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SpeakOut Elementary 2nd edition

CEFR: A1 to A2 | GSE: 27 – 39

Status: Available for Free Downloading full set

Total Storage: ~ 900 MB

We share materials for educational purposes only, all trading is illegal!

Nhìn chung, SpeakOut 2nd là bộ giáo trình Giao Tiếp Tiếng Anh Tuyệt Vời.
Được thiết kế theo phương pháp giáo dục hiện đại, nội dung đơn giản, bố cục logic hợp lí, trình bày đẹp mắt… Đặc biệt có hệ thống bài tập rất phong phú đa dạng.

Teacher. Ms Hien

Elementary level Includes  PDFs & CDs & DVDs:

  • Student’s book ; Teacher’s book
  • Workbook with keys & Tests
  • CDs (class + workbook)
  • DVD (extra + BBC + interview)
  • And many Extra materials

Link 2 Download:


1 Elementary 2nd BBC DVD.rar Download  or Download 2
2 Elementary Extra.rar Download or  Download 2
3 Gse-Cefr-Mapping-Elementary.pdf Download   Or

Download 2

4 Speakout_Elementary_Photocopiables.pdf Download
5 Students_Book_2nd_176p.pdf Download

Download 2

6 Audio_CD_1-2.rar Download
7 BBC_Interviews_Video Download

Download 2

8 General-Teaching-Programme-docx.docx Download
9 Tests-with-Key-and-script-Audio-pdf.pdf Download
10 Teacher\’s-Book-2nd-204p.pdf Download

Download 2

11 Workbook-With-Key-2nd-96p.pdf Download
12 Workbook Audio CDs full Download

Download 2


We share materials for educational purposes only, all trading is illegal!

Source: POL international School

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21 thoughts on “SpeakOut Elementary 2nd edition [update 2021]”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. The title says that this is the 2020 version, but the Student Textbook and Workbook both are from 2015, while the Teacher’s Book is from 2016. Also, the CD and DVD only contain written scripts, without the audio & video recordings that they are based on.

  2. There is a mistake, the link of the audios are for speakout starter not for elementary. Could you please upload the audios again? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello! First of all, thank you for making this material available. Second of all, I think there may be a mistake with the link to the audio material since it redirects me to the Starter CD and not the Elementary. Could you upload the Elementary CDs, please? Thank you!

  4. hi bạn, bạn upload bị nhầm file này: “Elementary 2nd BBC DVD.rar” , mình mở lên thì thấy nó là DVD của Starter Level, chứ không phải của Elementary level. Bạn update lại giúp mình nhé.

    Cảm ơn vì bạn đã chia sẻ cho cộng đồng học English.

  5. Hello! First of all, I wanted to thank you for making this material available. It has been really useful! Second, I just wanted to let you know that the link to the DVD redirects me to the Starter folder instead of the Elementary one. Would you mind fixing it, please?
    Thank you!

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