[PDF] Common mistakes at CAE – Update 2022

Common Mistakes at CAE and how to avoid them

Tải sách \”Common mistakes with Test Bank\” chuyên dùng cho luyện thi CAE [updated 8.2022].

This priceless small book identifies the actual exam faults that students make and explains how to prevent them. Each section focuses on a specific problem area and is based on the examination of hundreds of exam scripts. Exercises and clear explanations aid pupils in using the language correctly. Students have the chance to check and reinforce what they have learned through regular exams.

  • Highlights common errors that students actually make, according on study of hundreds of exam scripts;
  • Concentrates key issue areas in brief, quick explanations;
  • And includes exam-style tasks.

Advanced (CAE) exam has changed, and this product is no longer suitable preparation material.


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